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Long before he built his first boat, Epic Marine owner/designer/builder Edward Pic spent every spare minute he had somewhere on the Gulf of Mexico or Tampa Bay with a fishing rod in his hand. And while his objective was ultimately the catch, he spent a lot of time coming up with ways to make his boat a better fishing platform.

“I caught some fish but I spent a lot of time trying to turn my boat into the ultimate fishing machine,” said Pic, who has more than 25 years of experience in metal and fiberglass fabrication and engineering. “I think now, with the EPIC 23, I’ve got the perfect hull for building the boat that will do it all.”

Pic started Epic Marine in 2007, a logical evolution to a growing side-business that spawned from his ability to build, fix or improve anything and everything boat-related. What started with the occasional fiberglass repair for a friend eventually became custom hardtops, fuel tanks, engine brackets and in 2012, his first hull build, the EPIC 17. The EPIC 17 is reflective of Pic’s building ethos of space age-strong, light and simple. With an eight-foot beam and a 90 horse power outboard, the boat can fish three guys and their gear all day in 10-inches of water. . .and still cruise at 45 miles per hour. It is these same ideals of efficiency and fishability that dictate the design and construction of the EPIC 23.

“We’re taking a hull that is capable of doing anything and everything a local fisherman wants to do and building it with the latest and greatest space-age materials and technologies,” said the St. Petersburg native.

That means no wood. That means ultra-light, ultra-strong composite construction throughout. That means vacuum bag technology in all under-deck coring.

Pic is a blur as he commands production at his 10,000 square foot shop in central Pinellas County. He has his hands in every part of the build, from mold prep to chop-gunning to glass grinding, working at least six and often seven days, a week.

“I love what I do and look forward to building boats for a long time,” said Pic. “But like everyone else in the fishing community, I really love the days I get to shut it down and go fishing. Which is where my motivation to build a better boat originally came from.”

To get a glimpse into Edward Pic the boat builder, one must only take a look at the three decades of work he has done as a designer and builder of custom wheelchair lifts for pick-up trucks. He’s set new benchmarks in truck lift technology and put handicapped sportsmen behind the wheels of vehicles that they were once told they would never drive. His innovation and drive to constantly improve upon the industry standard is directly reflected in his vision for the EPIC 23.

The result is a spacious giant of a center console. . .a 23-foot hull that is nine-feet, six-inches wide yet floats in 10 to 12 inches of water and can be run efficiently with as little as 115 horses or as many as 200. This is a hull that is just as functional creeping up on a school of flats-bound redfish as it is pursuing Gulf-side kingfish and grouper. And even more important than its inshore-offshore duality is the thoughtful yet simplistic design details that reflect Pic’s ingrained desire to build a better mousetrap.

“We’re taking all those little things that every fisherman loves about their boat as well as all the little things every fisherman hates about their boat and simplifying the wheel, so to speak,” said Pic, whose network of consulting minds runs the gamut of local guides and hardcore fishermen. “I’ve spent a lot of years picking the brains of guys I consider to be both great fishermen and thinkers. . . which ultimately helps me build a boat that is easy to maintain and a joy to use. I want people to love their boats for a long time, not be a slave to them.”

Hatches for livewell and bilge pumps are spacious and easy to access. Electrical systems are designed for flawless operation in the worst of conditions while making things like changing a fuse or a pump as simple and straight-forward as possible. Plenty of below-deck storage allow you to haul all the gear it takes to catch fish both inshore and offshore yet keep it out of sight and out of the way.

“It ultimately comes down to the fact that we’re a bunch of lifetime local fisherman building what we consider to be the perfect boat for doing everything the bay and gulf have to offer – By Fishermen, For Fishermen. It’s as simple as that.”

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